The music which is always being with us is not just physical vibrations in the air. It exists in a sequence of rhythm arranged by melody and harmony. If these musical elements can be brought to us by physical means, we can feel the Soul Of the Music™ and experience the entirety of the art. Otherwise, music will be just a fiction which can’t move our heart or mind.


 In the past music could be delivered only by a musician’s physical performance. However, due to the drastic and continuous development of technology, the performance of great musicians who have disappeared into time can come alive without distortion and move our soul.


 SOtM™ is a brand that can deliver the Soul Of the Music™ through cutting edge audio technology.


Elektra Hi-End is the best partner you can have at the time of helping you during the transition between old physical media such as CD or SACD towards the new HD formats. Our experience with musical reproduction based on hardware and software started more than 10 years ago, nobody in the hi-end sector trusted this new way of musical reproduction, now we can confirm that we were not mistaken. Today, HD music sources are standard in Hi-End audio industry, and fortunately, all the know-how we have acquired during all these years optimizing the sound quality of multiple hardware and software combinations now is available to our customers, that can enjoy our turnkey solutions and feel personally accompanied during all the installation and configuration process, leaving only to them the “work” of enjoying their favorite music in the best way possible.