Reference DACs

We are now more than ready to challenge any existing known levels of quality. At any selected price point, we offer a level of sophistication of design that makes our DACS so special – being very detailed, and ultra-musical at the same time. All the qualities – like liquidity, fatigue free dynamics, endless stage depth and width – come with that as a package.

 What we offer you is our time, talent, experience and passion to build the most exciting DAC today known. We are an established company, with two facilities for manufacturing and a team of 12 people.

Our Digital to Analog Converters age very gently – because the tube technology has its obsolescence already built in, and digital conversion technology has not progressed at all since 1984. Contrary to popular belief, the conversion process as well as amplification that follows it, is very stable and mature and nothing is going to change that. 

What is different about our DACS?

-We do it like the good old days, by hand, all in one factory, all built to last. It is timeless.

​-At any time in the future you can upgrade to the latest newest specs at a reasonable cost.

-Any feature you initially forgot can be added later at a reasonable cost, inputs, outputs, options, etc.

 -There will be no better audio technology in the future than good old tube engineering like Lampizator. 

 -There will be no better music data storage in mass distribution than the digital audio as we know it, whether it is 44/16 or 768/32 or even DSD. The future will only bring better compression and faster downloads of the music files.

-The DAC has its “obsolescence” already built in, in the form of the tube circuits from the 1940‘s, and nothing can make it obsolete in the foreseeable future.

Some technical overview:


We use the best D/A chip known to us and selected from all the World’s DACs by endless tests.  The design is NOT based on any known product; it is not even loosely inspired by any kit or DAC. It is a genuine original Lampizator design, based on chips previously not used together, and in a configuration un-tried before. The chips are current production, latest models and not nostalgic 16bit units. It is a multi-bit top model with fully differential balanced outputs and 384 kHz PCM / 8xDSD capability.


We pay fanatical attention to the analog stage, using tubes and no silicon. No op-amps. Purity and simplicity of single ended triode amplifier between the DAC and the output is one of the key ingredients. 


You can order from options like multiple digital inputs, XLR balanced outputs, toslink, volume control with remote, preamp functionality with analogue inputs, one of the best if not THE best USB solution on the market. (32 bit, asynchronous and up to 768 kHz) and of course, always future proof being fully upgradeable to new digital formats.

Power supply


We build a tubed power supply which is at least 400% oversized to provide the unheard of purity, authority and grunt. Every supply has both 230 V and 115 V primary windings.  Everything, except the tubes is stone cold. 


The use of approx. 10 times oversized capacitor bank effectively means that the DAC board as well as tube anodes are supplied by caps for many seconds of operation without need to recharge. This is a quasi-battery operation but without the hassle of real batteries charging. The Lampizator DAC does not “see” at all the AC influence, its quality, fluctuations etc. The custom-made massive chokes separate the electronics from any AC residual history.


Everything is made by hand, the process takes 8 full days of preparations, assembly, testing, burn-in and music listening in our Nirvana system. Every unit is numbered and documented. Nothing is outsourced except metal work. 


We use parts of OUR CHOICE and we make absolutely no apologies for it.  We don’t like any pressure to change the parts to any other than our own. All parts are over-specified, made to our order in a consistent and repeatable fashion respecting all known “audiophile” principles.