Power conditioners

The SILK power filter was the fruit of frustration with the way other AC devices influence the sound. 

Namely, we believe that separation transformer-based conditioners, AC regenerator conditioners, and deep filter conditioners make sound lifeless and uninvolving. We tried to design a filter that makes music actually MORE BEAUTIFUL.What is MOST IMPORTANT is not to spoil the dynamics, live type of sound. Not choke the amplifier power and drive.

The principle of SILK is to remove the radio frequency interference in GIGA and MEGA hertz, while not affecting the 50/60 Hz AC fundamental. All known hi-fi devices react with improved clarity and holographic realism, while the dynamics both macro and micro are raw and unspoiled.

Four individual receptacles (outlets) are separated by own filters so interference does not cross from one component to another.Having 4 outlets serves as AC SPLITTER BOX which organizes everything neatly in the rack. Shall you need more – simply order two SILKs or a single chassis 8 outlets version.

The caps are superfast hi-voltage caps 5,6 nF / 1600 VAC and the ferrite ring cores are of very high core density. We use thick wires, 2,5 mm pure solid core copper (Polish copper, not contaminated like the dirty “copper” from far far Away made from recycled scrap.)

We also offer pure silver version with 99,97 wiring solid silver core and with Duelund pure silver caps (6 of them) for the ULTIMATE SILVER SILK.

​The effect of SILK: more legible, naturally layed out sound stage, easier instrument separation, wider stage, cleaner timbre of instruments and voices, quieter background, more pleasant sound overall.