Phono Technology

The Lampizator Vinyl Phono is a result of long research that we took regarding the feasibility of creating the no compromise phono-stage that was worthy of our reputation in DACs. 

There were some basic criteria which we thought are important, namely:

-Zero silicon.
-Tube rectified PSU.
-Tube regulated PSU.
-Tube stages for input and output.
-Zero negative feedback.
-Premium parts.
-User switchable input loads for MC (low – normal – high).

-Concealed tubes.
-Tube rolling possible.
-Nixie display for 5 input loads and muting.
-“volume” style knob for selector of loads.
-Needle current meter.

All our vinyl products are ONE BOX, without an ugly PSU box hanging somewhere behind the rack. We strongly believe that power supply should be as close to “electrical consumers” as possible, and properly designed product proves that this is optimal solution. Outboard PSU are made by designers who don’t know how to implement any better.

Our goal is to target directly and successfully the top end of the market – players like Kondo, EMT, EAR de Paravicini, and similar phono stages. The initial sales tests confirmed that we succeeded to achieve that goal and in most cases at a substantially lower price.